Archive of Design


My favourite projects from 2020-2024. These were either one-off projects, or ideas left on the cutting room floor. Work showcased is across varying industries, showing my ability to seamlessly adapt to challenges. All work shown is my own.


Archive of Design
Branding, Creative, Growth
Various graphic design, logos and icons created by Canadian graphic designer, Brett Snowball
Outdoors logo with a pine tree and compass. Brett Snowball, Canadian Graphic Designer 2021
Maritime logo designs. Brett Snowball, Canadian Graphic Designer 2024
Various geometric and organic logo concepts. Brett Snowball, Canadian Graphic Designer 2024
Geometric logo developed by Brett Snowball, Canadian Graphic Designer 2024
Logo for Saturna Outdoor Research. Brett Snowball, Canadian Graphic Designer 2020
Personal branding for NHL goalie, Jeff Glass and his goalie academy in Alberta, Canada
RTD Water. Advertisements for a ready-to-drink water company based in British Columbia.
Social media advertisements designed by Brett Snowball, for McMiller Entertainment to promte their newest game, Uproar
Social media advertisement for comedy podcast, The Beloved Driplomats featuring Dino Archie


BSD is a design studio in Vancouver. Our mission is to help clients find their voice through design. Inevitably, that means we work on dozens of projects throughout the year, and not all of them require standalone pages in our portfolio. This is a collection of some of my favourite works that I've been part of. Each project shows a breadth of skills and abilities, while working across varying industries. Regardless the size of project, we ensure you receive our full attention when it comes to anything creative!