Merrell - Moab On


Providing concept strategy for Merrell’s OOH advertising campaign, for the Moab 3 launch. I was contracted by a Los Angeles agency [Wheel+Spoke] to assist in concept development for digital strategy, and OOH advertising campaigns with Merrell.


Wolverine World Wide, Inc.


Providing preliminary concept strategy for Merrell’s Moab 3 boot launch. I was contracted by a Los Angeles agency to provide concepts for their digital strategy, and OOH advertising campaigns with Merrell. This project took more than nine months in development and launched in late September, 2022. The slides attached show a bit of context & behind-the-scenes work.


We approached this project with a customer-centrist focus. Everything was related back to our market strategy, and customer profiles as we built communications channels, brand standards and graphics.The biggest challenge was creating a sense of community involvement online that was organic. In my pitch deck, I suggested compartmentalizing the two taglines into separate ideas. This is summarized in the below two paragraphs:

From an advertising perspective, adding the #MoabOn line to the Step Further campaigns will allow users a hashtag to use on social media, either showing off their new Moab 3 boots, or in conjunction with there Merrell gear + outdoor experiences. In a perfect world, the #MoabOn tagline grows to become all encompassing of people experiencing the outdoors with friends and creating memories together – all fundamental principles of the Merrell brand.

The idea behind #MoabOn was two-fold. One, it was to reduce overlap between campaign taglines and create a differentiation property between the “Step Further” and “Moab On” concepts. It allows “Step Further” to be the face of the campaign while #MoabOn becomes the supporting tagline that engages with the social community. Two, with the tagline #MoabOn, it allows us to track engagement levels for both the Moab 3 and the Step Further campaign over social media to see the resonance and organic conversations happening about Merrell products. At the time of writing, Merrell has no branded hashtags being used to help promote product.


Lots of great ideas were left on the cutting room floor — and that's okay! Advertising is all about connecting with customers and making them feel apart of something bigger. That's something the Moab On campaign really excelled in. Moab On launched with a 360 campaign that included an anthem film, OOH, social content, digital banners, and more. A majority of these physical advertisements were released in Chicago and NYC.