Office Pools Bets


Office Pools Bets [OPBets] is an online sports betting platform operating out of Ontario, Canada. They exist to elevate traditional gambling for the betterment of Canadian bettors, sports fans, and our local communities.


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Office Pools Bets
Growth of Office Pools to new online sports betting platform, OPBets
Wordmark and branding for OPBets (office pools bets)
Logo construction for sports logo
Social media profiles and design work for online sports betting apps
Icon for online sports betting platform, OPBets (office pools bets)
Email advertisements and giveaways for OPBets (office pools bets)
Social profile and login profile for online sports betting platforms
Man holding ticket stub to sporting event. Branding for an online sports betting platform, OPBets (office pools bets)
Digital advertisements for online sports betting platform, OPBets (office pools bets)


Brett Snowball was contracted by Stories Inc. to assist in strategy, market analysis and provide a complete visual identity for OPBets. Working as the Art Director alongside a team of strategists, copywriters and software engineers to develop a Canadian-focused, live-action sports betting platform.


We approached this project with a customer-centrist focus. Everything was related back to our market strategy, and customer profiles as we built communications channels, brand standards and graphics. We focused on three key market profiles operating in Ontario – the only province where live-action sports betting in Canada (currently). The challenge was aligning our visual styles to customer expectations of what sports betting platforms look & feels like.

Our brand personality does a great job summarizing this: We are a brand for the everyday Canadian. Our brand is humble and has the best interest of our users, and the communities we give back to at the forefront of minds with everything we do, because we are passionate every-day, Canadians.


This is a brand that’s Canadian at its core where we have our users and community in mind first and foremost. Brett Snowball provided a brand identity and direction that feel authentically Canadian – from the colours, to typography, visual styles and beyond.