Clash Vintage Guitars


Very few online retailers of vintage instruments capture the classic, 50s and 60s coolness these historical artifacts exude. With Clash Vintage, we created a fictional brand and e-commerce platform that felt resonant of how these instruments make us feel.

Clash Vintage
Clash Vintage Guitars
Graphics, Identity, Websites

Clash Vintage is an online guitar boutique, selling rare & vintage guitars across the world. This project focuses on the identity design, and concept UI/UX work undertaken by Brett Snowball Design. Our goal was to create a brand that felt authentic, instilled buyer confidence, and helped facilitate sales through an online shopping experience.

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Approach + Design challenge

Our team analyzed feedback from top-rated vintage dealers. We found a disconnect between product, messaging, and sales channels. The challenge was introducing vintage instrument buyers, to a modern buying experience. Clash Vintage needed to look sharp, with an easy-to-use online shopping interface.

We narrowed our focus to targeting high income Baby-Boomers, and Gen X'ers. Nostalgia is the strongest emotional buying trigger. We made stylistic choices that would speak direct to these consumers.

Our goal became to create an identity that amplified our products. We focused on building an identity that felt on-par with current market competitors.

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Solution + Takeaways

When buying an instrument worth upwards of $50,000 – you want a seamless user experience. We focused on creating an easy digital buying process for the customer. The navigation pages feel familiar, instilling buyer confidence from the start. Our sales pages use visual hierarchy to help showcase the most important information.

With our branding, we played on the nostalgia theme. There's reference to 1950s & 60s culture in our primary badge. From the vintage colour palette, to the lettering style and typefaces. There's a Clash stamp of approval on everything we touch.