Destroy Capital


Washington DC hardcore band, Destroy Capital was looking for a more refined visual identity. Now that the band was touring the East Coast circuit, they wanted an identifiable brand that would be promo-ready once they signed.

Destroy Capital
Destroy Capital
Graphics, Product, Identity

BSD was approached by Destroy Capital to create a visual identity system for the band. They wanted to expand on the ideas of consumerism, revolution, and oppression but struggled to find a way to distill these ideas into a symbol. Most of the project hinges on the custom typeface that was augmented.

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Approach + Design challenge

To signify the evolution of the band’s sound, Destroy Capital’s identity needed a facelift. Building on their thrash-hardcore influence, we worked toward creating touchpoints for the bands newest album release. From social media posts, to merchandise, and even album artwork – we created an identity rooted in the DC Hardcore scene.

The ‘Slasher’ logo is Destroy Capital’s primary brand mark. The band ethos is: smash corporate capitalism. The juxtaposition of a modern, clean typeface with the slash-stroke breaking through exudes this feeling.

The new singles also needed some fresh artwork. Our objective was to create original pieces that built on their dystopian, despair lyrical content.
“Humanvoid Humanoid” hinges on the disconnection from ones understood reality. Images of a blurred, anamorphic shape moving towards the viewer echoed this deep, conceptual theme.
“No Pressure” focuses on the existential crisis of the human existence. The perfect visual pairing was our screaming skull artwork.

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Solution + Takeaways

This was entirely a passion projected, developed for the Destroy Capital hardcore band. I actually found their contact through a Discord server I'm apart of, and the relationship grew organically. They originally reached out regarding some concept artwork I had done for another client, in a similar vein. I'm grateful for the artistic opportunity this project has brought me - I'm a big fan on the Punk/Hardcore music scene, so anything related to that genre I'm always down to support!